A wood laminate is a thin sheet of material applied to the core of a wood project to alter its appearance. While laminates can be made from various materials, they are typically composed of veneers, which are thin sheets of wood. The benefit of using a laminate is that it reduces the overall cost of constructing kitchen cabinets while still providing a visually appealing look akin to solid hardwood cabinets. However, laminated cabinets may be harder to refinish in the future, and lack the same durability as their hardwood counterparts.

Laminate cabinets require particular attention when it comes to maintenance and care. Unlike countertop laminates, cabinet laminates have a thinner layer, which makes them more vulnerable to damage from moisture. Regular cleaning with soap and water is recommended, but it’s important to avoid leaving any water on the cabinets as it can cause the glue used to attach the laminate to weaken. It’s worth noting that while countertop laminates are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, cabinet laminates are not.