Wax is a term used to describe chemical compounds that exhibit solidity and plasticity at specific temperatures. Although it is a loosely used term, the most well-known type of wax is produced by bees as a byproduct of honey production. It is important to note that when selecting a wax for use on cabinets, there are waxes specifically designed for this purpose.

It is not recommended to use waxes that are not intended for use on finished wood, such as those designed for shining cars, to shine cabinets. At a local hardware store, a variety of furniture waxes will be available. Many furniture waxes are sold in a liquid form, which is applied with a paintbrush along the grain. Once it has dried completely, the wax is then buffed to shine the cabinets. While the process can be time-consuming and requires a delicate touch, it is an affordable way to rejuvenate one’s cabinetry.