Walnut wood comes from trees of the Juglans genus and is highly valued for its strength and ability to be shaped into intricate designs. It has long been a popular material for furniture, known for its rich coloring and unique curves. During World War I, its excellent properties for firearm stocks and grips were discovered. Today, both furniture and firearms made of Walnut wood are highly prized by collectors.

One of the key features of Walnut wood is its ability to achieve a high polished finish, making it ideal for intricate designs. The color of Walnut wood can vary depending on the drying method used. Kiln-dried Walnut has a flat brown color, while air-dried Walnut has a dark purplish hue that is perfect for decorative uses.

Although Walnut wood is typically too expensive for use in constructing entire kitchen cabinets, veneers can be used to achieve the desired appearance without the high cost. Walnut is also a popular choice for kitchen highlights, such as corbels and baseboards, and is often used in kitchen products. Its unique coloring and strength make it a versatile and valuable material for a wide range of applications.