A diagonal corner wall cabinet is a type of cabinet designed to fit into a corner while providing a diagonal transition for the cabinetry run’s face across the right angle of the corner. These cabinets are larger in size than typical wall cabinets as they are made in a trapezoidal shape to allow traditional square cabinets to be placed on each side of the perpendicular walls. This results in a diagonal cabinet that uses the same sized door as the rest of the cabinetry run, maintaining its symmetry. However, accessing the cavernous space inside requires special modifications to make them practical and accessible.

To make the inside of a diagonal corner wall cabinet practical and functional, the most common modification is to add a large lazy Susan. Although this wastes some space due to the round surface in a trapezoidal-shaped cabinet, it is still the most popular choice because the deep dimension can make it challenging to reach items in the back corner of the cabinet. Because the diagonal corner wall cabinet is large, it must be securely attached to the room’s framing at several locations and should not be filled to capacity with heavy items.