Wall cabinets are cabinets that are hung above the counter space, in contrast to the base cabinets that rest on the floor. These cabinets can be as unique as the kitchens they are installed in, but are often manufactured as part of a matching set with base cabinets to create a complementary cabinetry run. Wall cabinets are constructed similarly to base cabinets, but they never include drawers. They typically feature a paneled door, a box frame, and a hanging rail, with a bottom edge molding to cover the visible lower edge.

Unlike base cabinets, wall cabinets have different weight support and distribution needs. The two most important features of a wall cabinet are its hanging rail and box frame. Although a standard wall cabinet depth is 12 inches, the rest of the dimensions are not standardized. Wall cabinets were once only available in a 30-inch height, but now additional height options are offered due to the growing popularity of staggered wall cabinet designs. Cabinets can now be purchased in heights of 40, 24, 18, 15, and 12 inches, while widths range from nine to 48 inches in three-inch increments.