A wall angle cabinet is a cabinet that is designed to fit in a corner where two walls meet. It has a front face that matches the flat run of the cabinetry while its backside is cut to match the corner of the wall. These cabinets are sometimes also referred to as corner cabinets, but not all of them are designed for corners. They are especially useful in rooms with peculiar angular sections or inlays, as they conform to the contours of the wall without interrupting the symmetry of the room.

However, the irregular shape of wall angle cabinets can sometimes limit their usefulness as their internal spacing is not uniform to that of a standard cabinet. To overcome this limitation, manufacturers often include lazy Susan shelves for cabinets that exceed standard dimensions, and custom shaped shelving for cabinets that finish at a smaller dimension than is standard. Despite the irregularity of the cabinet’s internal dimensions, the functionality of the cabinet is maintained while also preserving the surface aesthetic.