A veneer is a thin layer of hardwood that is applied to a manufactured wood substrate, such as particle board or plywood. The veneer is attached to the substrate using an adhesive, nails or screws. Veneers are commonly used to reduce the cost of a project without compromising its overall appearance. They are frequently employed in the construction of cabinets, furniture, and floors. The core components of the units are typically made of less expensive materials, while the visible surfaces are covered with veneers. This creates the illusion that the product is made entirely of solid hardwood, while being more economical. Veneers come in a range of grain patterns and finishes, and they tend to be more uniform in appearance than most hardwood products. Some carpenters make their own veneers, while others purchase them from manufacturers. Veneers are ideal for door panels, exposed sides, and interior cabinet areas that will be visible.