Softwood is a type of lumber that is obtained from coniferous and evergreen trees like pine, cedar, or spruce. It is commonly used in construction as a building material. In contrast, hardwood comes from angiosperms such as walnut, hickory, or maple.

Despite its name, softwood lumber is often strong and durable, making it a popular choice for many woodworking projects. It is used by professionals such as carpenters, cabinetmakers, furniture makers, and woodcarvers. The classification of wood as softwood or hardwood can be misleading since many softwoods are harder than some hardwoods. Softwoods have a different structure compared to hardwoods since they do not require vessels to transport water.

Using softwood is considered environmentally friendly because coniferous and evergreen trees grow much faster than hardwood trees. Therefore, they are more sustainable and can be harvested more quickly, which reduces the impact on the environment.