Pulls are small fixtures that are affixed to the front of drawers, enabling them to be easily pulled open. One key feature of pulls is that they attach at a single point, in contrast to handles which typically require attachment at two or more points. Despite their small size, pulls have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of any kitchen cabinetry design. Simply by swapping out pulls on a cabinetry run, a quick and easy transformation can be achieved.

Anyone can install and replace pulls with ease, typically requiring nothing more than a screwdriver. Hardware stores offer a wide selection of pulls in various styles, from antique glass to hand-painted porcelain, enabling homeowners to personalize their cabinetry runs to suit their preferences. To ensure consistent placement, cabinet drawers and doors are often designed with pre-cut holes. Pulls typically feature a single screw that is inserted from the inside of the drawer, allowing for secure anchoring once screwed on.