Pull-out shelves are a type of cabinetry that allows each shelf to be extended independently from the cabinet, similar to a drawer. While the term “pull-out shelf” is commonly used, there are several other interchangeable terms such as slide-out shelves, slide-out drawers, roll-out drawers, kitchen pullouts, and sliding cabinet drawers. Each term may vary slightly, but they all refer to the same concept.

When choosing pull-out shelves, there are many options for personalization and preference. While simple wood slides can be used, modern cabinetry typically incorporates rails similar to those used for drawers. To prevent items from sliding off the shelf as it moves, there is usually a lip or edge around the perimeter of the shelf. Upgrading to this style of shelving can greatly increase convenience, but it may reduce the support strength for a given shelf. If planning to store heavy items such as canned foods or jars, it is important to use an appropriately thick piece of wood for the shelving platform and a strong sliding system.