When preparing to paint a freshly sanded or raw surface, applying a primer coat is the first step. A primer coat serves as the foundation for the paint, helping it adhere to the cabinet surface. With the introduction of new construction materials in kitchen cabinetry designs, a properly applied primer coat can ensure a smooth, uniform top finish coat. However, not all primer coats are equal or suitable for every situation.

Some primer coats require the mixing of multiple parts, while others are incorporated into the top-coat paint to speed up the painting process. The greatest benefit of using a primer is that it creates consistency on the painting surface, which helps the top-coat layers appear even and smooth. This is especially important on porous surfaces like wood or plaster, where a primer can prevent uneven paint absorption that can distort color and ruin the finished result. Since different types of primer coats are available, it’s important to consult with a professional to select the appropriate primer coat for the specific project to ensure optimal surface sealing, protection, and color support.