A plate rack is a practical and decorative way to store plates in the kitchen. One of the advantages of a plate rack is that it can be customized and installed into existing cabinetry. However, plate racks are typically designed to hold a limited number of plates and are best suited for formal dining sets. They are usually attached to the underside of a top cabinet and the wall to ensure stability. The plates are placed in slots that are sized to fit a single plate per slot. Plate racks do not have doors, so they add a visible design element to the kitchen.

For kitchens that do not have the space for a larger china cabinet or hutch, a plate rack can be a space-saving solution to display a collection of fine dishes. Although plate racks may resemble dish racks, they are not intended for drying dishes. Excessive moisture can damage the wood and ruin the finish over time. Plate racks are commonly constructed from wood, but they can be made from other materials to complement a modern kitchen design.