Pie cut shelves get their name from their resemblance to a pie with a single slice missing. Typically paired with a lazy Susan mechanism, they can rotate 360 degrees when the cabinet is opened. These shelves are commonly used in corner cabinet spaces, as they provide the best access to awkwardly dimensioned areas. They are practical and can be used in both base and top cabinets. The term “pie cut” can also refer to fixed shelves with a similar cutout.

When designing L-shaped or G-shaped cabinetry floor plans, pie cut shelves are often recommended to maximize the usability of corner spaces. These shelves are well-suited to the dimensions of full-sized base cabinetry. To access items on a pie cut shelf, the cabinet doors are opened and the shelves are rotated as needed. However, the shelf must be returned to its original alignment before the cabinet door can be closed. This can be frustrating if the bearings rotate too easily, but if they are too rigid, convenience is inhibited.