When installing cabinetry, the edges of the cabinet boxes are typically left raw and unfinished to allow for the addition of decorative edges later in the installation process. Outside corner molding is a type of molding that is used to cover these raw corners. It can refer to both the technique of using molding to cover the edge of the cabinet box at an outside corner, as well as the specific style of molding itself.

To use outside corner molding, one end of the molding is butted up against the wall and the other end is cut at an angle to meet the next piece of molding at the corner. This technique is used for both inside and outside corners, but outside corner molding specifically refers to the “L” shaped molding that is attached to the outer edges of the cabinet box. These moldings are less commonly used than inside corner moldings and are only available in limited selection at most stores. It is important to choose the correct type of molding for the specific application to achieve a polished and finished look.