The term “lipped” is commonly used to describe a specific style of kitchen cabinet doors. This style is similar to inset doors, in which the door sits flush with the frame, but with one key difference: lipped cabinet doors retain an overlay on the frame face. This makes for a more secure fit between the door and the framing of the cabinet.

Because of this secure fit, a knob or pull is necessary to open a lipped cabinet door. Creating a lipped cabinet door involves notching the backside of the door to precisely match the dimensions of the cabinet frame. This requires great precision and attention to detail, as well as careful hinge movement to avoid any issues associated with the tightly fitting inset portion of the door.

Due to the extensive labor required to properly install lipped cabinet doors, this is not a typical option offered by most cabinet makers. However, it may be the right choice for those who require a more secure closure on their cabinets.