To give a wood project a specific type of finish, lacquer is a term used commonly. Although there is no standard procedure to achieve this, lacquered wood has properties that are produced by solvents to create a hard finish. This type of finish has a sophisticated appearance that is highly coveted. Lacquer is an ancient technique that has been refined over time, but the value of a well-lacquered project is still significantly greater than comparable finishes.

Compared to shellac finishes, lacquered projects have a glossy finish that is more durable. Achieving a true lacquer finish requires a combination of toxic and volatile chemicals, which can be difficult to obtain and should only be handled by experienced professionals. Even though a lacquered look may be desired, it is unlikely that a novice will be able to achieve a flawless application without considerable practice. Traditional lacquer finishes also include inlay and other embellishments on the project.