In a kitchen, an island is a standalone piece of cabinetry that provides additional countertop space. The design possibilities for incorporating an island into a kitchen are virtually limitless, allowing for a great deal of personal expression. The term “island” does not imply permanence; it is common for homeowners to purchase a mobile freestanding island to increase their kitchen’s prep area. Islands can be designed to fit any available kitchen space, as they are not limited to specific dimensions.

To ensure that all kitchen features match exactly, it is common practice to build an island by purchasing additional base cabinets from the same manufacturer. In modern kitchen designs, more attention is being paid to the development of intricate islands that may include sinks and cooking surfaces. Many islands also feature elevated stools on one side, creating a supplemental dining area. Although islands are an excellent opportunity to include more storage in the kitchen, some island designs may not have internal storage. It is important to note that while some have described a large, permanently placed table as an island, a true island should stand at a uniform countertop height that matches the rest of the kitchen.