When fully closed, inset doors and drawers create a seamless surface with the front face of a cabinet. However, it’s important to keep in mind that choosing the inset cabinetry style may come at a higher cost of approximately 20% compared to other overlay options. Whether or not this additional cost is worth it is subjective and depends on individual preferences, as there is no added structural advantage to this design. Nonetheless, it does provide a striking and high-quality appearance that can elevate the look of a kitchen.

For those who opt for the inset style, pairing it with white cabinets and a soapstone countertop can create a charming vintage aesthetic. The drawers themselves are typically not affected by the inset versus overlay style, as only the outward facing drawer front needs to be altered. To achieve the inset effect with cabinet doors, a special type of hinge is necessary for proper operation. There are hinge styles available that can be fully invisible, creating a smooth and seamless finish to the cabinet run. Other hinge styles may have just the barrel visible. While there are kits available for modifying cabinetry to an inset design, it is a challenging task requiring precision and best left to a skilled craftsman.