The term “half overlay” has two different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. It can refer to a specific measurement that allows for doors and drawers to be placed in a way that reveals dividing strips of the front face frame. Alternatively, it can refer to a characteristic associated with Euro box cabinets in which half of a cabinet wall’s edge is overlaid.

It can be challenging to discern which meaning is intended in a spoken conversation, but if the term is in written form, there are usually clues to help determine its use. When the word “half” is spelled out, it usually refers to the Euro box cabinetry that overlays half of a cabinet wall’s edge. On the other hand, when the term is written numerically, such as “½ overlay,” it refers to a design style in which a half inch of the door overlaps the front face of the cabinets on all four edges. This is different from a full overlay in which none of the face frame is visible and is often removed.