The G-shaped kitchen is a cabinetry configuration that includes a peninsula for food preparation and four walls of storage, forming a G shape on the grid. It is an expansion of the U-shaped design and can be a viable upgrade for those who already have this type of cabinetry installed. The G-shaped design provides more base cabinets, increasing storage space and optimizing the cooking area.

The G-shaped design’s popularity stems not only from its ample storage but also from its ability to surround the chef of the home kitchen with a variety of countertop options and immediate access to supplies. The expanded countertop space is usable throughout the cooking process, and the central location of the kitchen improves cooking efficiency. The G-shaped kitchen’s peninsula also offers a tighter countertop area, making it suitable for larger kitchens.

If you are contemplating a G-shaped kitchen for your kitchen renovation, our guide on designing a G-shaped kitchen layout offers useful tips and inspiration.