Frameless cabinets have been designed to eliminate the need for visible trim boards, making it easier to access the cabinets. The popularity of frameless cabinets began in Europe after the invention of the hidden hinge, which allowed for proper mounting without a frame. In fact, frameless cabinetry has become the standard in Europe and many parts of Asia, while it is still slowly gaining popularity in North America. The frameless style of cabinetry is especially attractive to those following a modern kitchen design. With no visible hinges and unobstructed access to compartments, frameless cabinets are highly practical.

One reason frameless cabinets are more appealing to manufacturers than framed-style cabinets is their efficiency in production. This style of cabinetry was first developed in Europe where homes often lacked permanent cabinetry in the kitchen. The use of stronger materials also makes frameless cabinets more durable. In addition, base cabinets are often supported by legs rather than a frame, giving them a sleek, modern appearance.