European-style cabinets are known for their high level of modular craftsmanship, which is commonly used by European cabinet makers. In Europe, many residents own their kitchen cabinets, even if they do not own the house or apartment they live in. It is customary to purchase a home or rent an apartment that lacks appliances and cabinetry in the kitchen. To meet this need, the European cabinetry market promotes personalization and modular design that can be easily added and subtracted from any space. European-style cabinetry needs to be versatile and adaptable because kitchen sizes are not standard.

One hallmark of European-style kitchen cabinetry is the incorporation of hidden hinges. This style of hinge is so closely associated with European-style cabinetry that both are often referred to as “European style.” The use of hidden hinges allows for frameless cabinets, maximizing storage space while minimizing weight. Horizontal graining and modern styling are other characteristic features of European-style cabinets.