Edge grain refers to the visible pattern on the surface of a wood countertop, which is created by exposing the staves of the boards used to construct it. Staves are the long side-edges of a cut board. Compared to face grain construction, edge grain construction is more durable, but less durable than end grain construction. Edge grain countertops are ideal for high traffic work areas or surfaces that require durability and abrasion resistance.

Edge grain is a cost-effective alternative to butcher block, but is heavier due to the increased amount of wood used. To create an edge grain surface, boards are attached face to face so that their edges join to form a level surface. The distinctive pattern of edge grain countertops can be easily recognized by parallel lines of grain visible on the surface. These countertops are thicker and heavier and are commonly used for industrial workbenches. Aside from countertops, bamboo is another popular material used for edge grain products.