Dry brushing is a popular coloring technique used to create an aged or irregular appearance on any surface. To properly execute dry brushing, a first coating layer should be applied and allowed to completely dry. Only when the base coating is dry can the dry brushing technique be executed correctly, otherwise, the layers will mix and create an uneven and poor-quality finish.

To dry brush, first dip the brush into the paint and then remove all visible paint from the brush by dragging it across the edge of the paint reservoir. This technique will leave small amounts of paint stored between the brush hairs to be transferred to the surface, creating an uneven and streaked appearance on the finished surface. This same effect can be achieved with stain by using an oil-based primer to create the first coating, following the same dry brushing technique when applying the second coating of the same oil-based primer, and then applying the stain. Finally, seal the finished dry brush effect with a clear top coat layer. Dry brushing is a great way to add an aged or weathered look to any surface, and is popular among DIY enthusiasts.