Door stoppers serve the function of controlling, limiting, and stopping the motion of a cabinet door. While many modern hinges incorporate a door stopper into their design, aftermarket door stoppers can be added to any door. Their purpose is to prevent damage to the door, trim board, or neighboring cabinetry. Some door stoppers even include a door return mechanism, allowing the door to be propped open or returned to a closed position without manual guidance.

The position at which the door stopper halts the door’s movement is a defining characteristic of this hardware piece. Door stoppers can take various forms, such as magnetic tabs attached to the inside top edge of a frameless cabinet or extending rods with rubber tips. In modern cabinetry, invisible hinges with built-in door stoppers and mechanical return systems are a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Another option, the rail and sliding bracket door stopper, is more commonly used on screen doors and is rarely employed in cabinetry.