A corner sink base cabinet is specially designed to accommodate a traditional kitchen sink in the corner area of a cabinet run. This sink placement is commonly used in “L” or “U” shaped base cabinet runs. However, this type of sink placement presents certain difficulties, such as the need for a large countertop area to support the basin and the challenge of maintaining complete access to the drain-pipe and water-supply underneath the sink.

To overcome these challenges, a corner sink base requires custom cabinet installation to adapt the base cabinet, backsplash, and top cabinetry in a configuration that allows for ergonomic use of the space. It is challenging to strike a balance between the practicality of placing the sink in a corner and the functional needs of supporting counter space in the adjacent area.

The sink basin used in such a design is typically trapezoidal or oval in shape, without attached faucets to allow for flexibility in placement based on the pre-existing pipe locations. Overall, a corner sink base is an excellent option for maximizing space utilization in kitchen designs.