A corner cabinet is designed to make the most of the available space in a corner area. These cabinets have a unique configuration that overcomes the challenges posed by perpendicular doors and the limited accessibility of deeper cabinets. Typically, corner cabinets are available in both upper and base cabinet designs, but base cabinets are more commonly used.

Corner cabinets are designed to optimize internal space utilization while maintaining a seamless appearance on the outside. The internal shelving systems of most corner cabinets feature various styles such as lazy-susans, drawers, custom-shaped shelves, or empty spaces. If you have larger items to store in the kitchen, leaving the space empty is the best way to utilize the area.

However, the challenge lies in attaching functional doors that do not disrupt the visual line of the cabinet’s run. Therefore, corner cabinet doors are usually multi-hinged and custom-made to match the specific space. Overall, corner cabinets are an excellent option for efficient space utilization in kitchen designs.