The cope and stick method, also known as stile-and-rail, is a woodworking technique used in cabinetry construction to join pieces of wood. It involves using a router bit to create a smooth joint between the two pieces of wood, the cope and the stick. This method is commonly used to create large frames for wood or glass panels, as well as intricate glass doors that exhibit a pattern. However, it is an advanced technique that requires the application of advanced skills, such as executing a climb cut against the grain. Only journeyman carpenters should undertake this type of work, as it can make a project much stronger but also more expensive.

Carpenters refer to the molded edge along the inside of a door or window frame as the “stick.” While this edge is more appealing than a square edge, it creates a technical problem that requires joining molded profiles at the corners. The cope comes into play here as a recessed mirror cut that is put into the opposite edge, allowing the stick to be seamlessly joined. The result is not only a more ornate design but also increased strength and tight fitting durability.