Contemporary style kitchens or cabinetry are characterized by a sleek, modern aesthetic that emphasizes minimalist designs and manmade materials. This style incorporates stainless steel, laminates, glass, concrete, chrome, and lacquered surfaces, with bold and stark coloring. This design style originated in Europe in the 1940s and aimed to merge art and function, resulting in an efficient, functional approach to design. Contemporary style is often used interchangeably with “modern” or “industrial” due to the use of exposed metals and straight lines in these styles.

One of the hallmarks of contemporary design is the lack of decorative elements. The focus is on functionality, with everything arranged to optimize efficiency. Finding appliances to fit the contemporary style is easy, as most manufacturers offer lines of brushed metal or boldly colored lacquered finishes. To achieve the contemporary look with cabinetry, consider using concealed hinges and metal doors, or wood finished with high-gloss enamel. Contemporary style is flexible enough to accommodate personal preferences.