A column is a structural or decorative pillar used in the construction of buildings. This architectural element has a long history and has been used since ancient times. Originally, columns were mainly used to support the weight of the building, especially in temples and government buildings. In those days, they were usually made of a single piece of stone or stacked stones. However, with modern materials, columns can be made from various materials such as wood, composite materials, plaster, and more.

While some columns still serve as structural supports, many columns are primarily used for decorative purposes. They can range from simple designs to highly ornate styles. For example, plain columns may be found in plantation-style homes, while more elaborate pillars may be used in grand mansions or large office buildings. Additionally, columns may be used for interior decoration, either as a standalone decorative element or as a support structure. Regardless of their purpose, columns remain an essential architectural element in both classical and modern designs.