In doorways and cabinet openings, a vertical strip of wood or metal known as a center stile can be found, which serves to divide the space. Its primary purpose is to provide support to the frame, and it can be taken out if necessary.

Typically seen in larger double doors or wide cabinet areas, a center stile offers vertical reinforcement that is distinct from the horizontal rails. Typically positioned in the middle of the opening, it helps to bear the weight of the frame. In the past, center stiles were used to prevent cabinets and doors from sagging. However, due to more durable construction materials used today, center stiles are no longer essential. Nevertheless, some people still opt for center stiles to achieve a vintage look, and they may be designed for use with latches, deadbolts, or shelves. To accommodate storage, some center stiles are made to be removable. Others can be adjusted to work with pull-out drawers or organizing racks.