Build-up strips are thin strips of wood that are hidden beneath a laminated countertop to give the illusion of a thicker countertop. Prefabricated countertops typically consist of a laminate glued to a board that is only ¾ inch thick. To install these countertops, build-up strips must be attached to the tops of the base cabinets underneath. These strips are usually ¾ inch strips of wood that are screwed into the cabinet tops. Although they do add support to the countertop, their primary function is to provide clearance for the overhanging edge of the countertop, allowing cabinet drawers to be opened without interference. Most manufacturers include build-up strips with prefabricated countertops, but they can also be made from scrap plywood or pine. For rounded or finished end pieces that are provided by the manufacturer, build-up strips may not be necessary if the entire end of the countertop is exposed. Heavy bracing is not typically necessary for countertops since they are made of thick material for a relatively short run and are designed to support common countertop appliances and daily use.