A base diagonal cabinet is a type of kitchen cabinet that maximizes storage space by fitting into the corners of kitchen walls. Typically, corners are areas of wasted space in kitchens, but a base diagonal corner cabinet has been specially designed to address this issue. Unlike other corner cabinets, a base diagonal corner cabinet has only one door that opens to reveal the full storage space beneath the countertop.

These cabinets enable homeowners to extend cabinets along adjoining kitchen walls, making the most of the space. Many cabinet manufacturers offer standard sizes for base diagonal corner cabinets, but fitting them with other pre-made cabinets can be challenging. For this reason, custom base diagonal corner cabinets are often built to the exact specifications of the homeowner’s kitchen.

To further maximize storage space, most base diagonal corner cabinets use either a lazy susan or pull-out shelves. This ensures that the entire storage area can be utilized efficiently. Overall, base diagonal cabinets are an excellent option for homeowners who want to make the most of their kitchen space.