A base cabinet is a type of cabinet specifically designed to sit under the countertop of a kitchen or bathroom. As the largest storage area in a cabinet system, it typically has a depth of 24 inches. When shopping for kitchen base cabinets, it’s recommended to purchase cupboards that come with a matching base set to ensure a cohesive look. Base cabinets play a crucial role in the overall decor of a kitchen, serving as the foundation of the storage area.

Although both kitchen and bathroom floor cabinets are referred to as base cabinets, they can have different constructions. For instance, in a bathroom with a pedestal sink, the base cabinet may simply be a facade to conceal plumbing without providing storage space. Faux drawers can also be added to a bathroom base cabinet to enhance its appearance without increasing its functionality. Similarly, the construction of kitchen base cabinets may vary based on price, with some cabinets featuring solid wood faces for aesthetics while having less expensive materials for the rest of the cabinet. Base cabinets can be purchased with or without doors, and are available in a range of materials.