A base angle cabinet is designed to fit into specific joining or corner areas, as kitchen counters are often not completely straight. With cabinets being designed to provide more countertop space, the importance of corner cabinet designs has grown. Without a base angle cabinet, valuable storage space may be lost due to inaccessibility. These cabinets are available in various designs that incorporate different door and shelving techniques, all aimed at maximizing usable space.

Some base angle cabinets can be customized into a trapezoid shape to create a flush finish with the row of cabinets, compensating for directional changes or specific needs. Generic base angle cabinets come in diamond or triangle shapes to fit right-angled corners. In some cases, a 120-degree angle may be used to change the cabinet’s run that follows an irregular countertop. Rotating shelves are commonly found within the base angle cabinet, especially if the depth of the cabinet is greater than 24 inches. Proper door hinge placement is essential for maintaining good functionality of corner cabinets, regardless of the internal shelving scheme.