The exposed front-facing side of an apron front sink gives it a distinctive appearance. This sink is large and installed into a kitchen counter, with the front edge being exposed. It is also referred to as a farm sink and was originally designed to fit into a space cut out of a kitchen counter. Typically, this type of sink is quite spacious to accommodate various tasks and serve the needs of a large family. One of the benefits of an apron front sink is that if it is damaged, it can be easily replaced by removing the drain pipe.

Since the main objective of the apron front sink is to provide ease of replacement, it does not have any pre-drilled holes for fixtures or faucets. Instead, the water faucet is installed through a fixed location on the counter that extends over the sink without being attached to it. This design enhances the flexibility of incorporating apron front sinks into busy kitchens. Nowadays, the apron front sink is becoming more popular due to its rustic appearance and practicality.