An appliance garage is a customized countertop compartment designed to store and conceal large kitchen appliances. In the past, kitchen countertops were cluttered with appliances that were frequently rotated based on use and access to electrical outlets. Today, countertops are being redesigned to offer permanent storage locations for frequently used appliances. These storage spaces are often built into the countertop and match the appearance of the surrounding cabinetry. Typically, appliance garages have a dedicated electrical outlet to power appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, or other large kitchen machines.

The size of an appliance garage depends on its location and the dimensions of the appliance it is intended to hold. As a custom feature, most manufactured cabinetry sets do not include an appliance garage. A builder or manufacturer can create an additional compartment and door front that matches the aesthetic of the existing cabinetry on request. Keep in mind that adding an appliance garage requires sacrificing countertop space permanently. It is important to consider this before deciding to make this type of permanent alteration to your cabinets.