Detailed pieces of woodwork known as accents can be added to kitchen cabinets to enhance their overall aesthetic appeal. While accents do not affect the structural integrity of the cabinets, they do improve their visual properties. Cabinet handles and hinges can be considered accents, but they are typically categorized separately due to their numerous variations and specifications. Molding is another type of accent that is grouped with decorative woodwork pieces, as they are also carved-wood embellishments.

Accents are available in a broad range of types, with softer woods commonly used since they are not meant to be functional components of the cabinetry. Before permanently affixing an accent to cabinets, it is essential to test its finishing properties to ensure that stains and lacquers are absorbed uniformly. Some of the most popular accents include decorative legs that create the illusion of freestanding base cabinets. Valances, rosettes, and corbels are also frequently used to enhance the appearance of cabinetry.