When referring to a cabinet drawer or door, a 1-inch overlay indicates the amount of frame that it covers through overlap. This design has become increasingly popular in modern homes because it creates a seamless appearance for the cabinetry by almost completely concealing the frame. However, in reality, a 1-inch overlay design will leave a 3/8-inch space between the edges of drawers and cabinet doors. This space is necessary to allow for free movement and access to all compartments in the cabinetry. It is important to clarify which overlay scheme is being used to avoid any contradictions during purchase.

Previously, the 1/2-inch overlay was popular due to the slight savings in materials cost achieved by using slightly smaller door and drawer facades. However, the 1-inch overlay has gained popularity recently due to the even visual surface effect it creates. It is important to note that choosing between the 1/2-inch overlay and the 1-inch overlay will not impact the internal dimensions of the cabinetry.

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