1/2 Inch Overlay

The term “1/2 inch overlay” indicates that the drawers and doors of a cabinet run extend half an inch over the frame, resulting in approximately two inches of exposed frame between cabinet doors. It is crucial to distinguish this from the term “half overlay,” which refers to the middle of a run of cabinets where the doors share a common partition wall.

In the past, cabinet designs featured a visible frame, but today, covering the entire frame is becoming more popular. Nonetheless, the 1/2 inch overlay still provides a consistent appearance when correctly installed. Additionally, the 1/2 inch overlay design allows for greater flexibility in terms of door handle options, including beveled grips along the cabinet door edge, which is not possible with other overlay styles due to limited accessibility around each door’s edge. To denote the 1/2 inch overlay, use a quotation mark or “in.” abbreviation after the “half” measurement.